Team Building Events & Team Days

Team building is the method of turning a team of individuals into a cohesive team. A team is a group of people who are formed to work together interdependently and cooperatively to meet the needs of their clients by achieving their goals and objectives.
Regardless of how you choose to develop your employee group into a team, the resulting bonds will help them to achieve your organization’s work and goals more efficiently than a non-bonded group. So long so the attention is on team-building activities that lend themselves to carrying out the team’s actual work, you are essentially building a team.

It is a well-established fact that high performing teams have mutual respect and understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses but building that can be difficult in the modern work environment.

Technology and diverse locations are all part of business today but bringing a team together in team-building exercises without the distractions of the mobile phone or the laptop can have massive benefits for collaboration and productivity.

Bespoke team building events tailored to you

At Honesberie Events we provide bespoke team building events tailored specifically to your needs. Either using our in-house expertise or our network of carefully selected partners we can provide activities from bushcraft to shooting, fishing to off-roading and will find the right blend of activities to compliment your team building event.

We also have our conference room should you wish to mix work and team activities as well as our catering staff to keep you fuelled and in top form for the day.

A wide range of team building activities

Here at Honesberie Events, we can organise a wide range of team building activities used to define roles within teams, often involving teamwork inducing and collaborative tasks.

We can offer team bonding days to suit your budget. The days will be fun but productive whether you have a small team of 6 or a large corporate group of 80+.

Always remember that communication is key. Team members must communicate with each other in ways that encourage teamwork and mutual understanding. Effective communication builds confidence, clarity of the message and loyalty.

Ambiguous communication which is poorly organised erodes confidence and motivation.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Outdoor activities

Outdoor team-building activities are the best way to bring the people into the fresh air outside. They are able to let down their hair, relax and have some serious fun.

Leaving the workplace will make a huge difference in the productivity and morale of the team. Outdoor team building activities bring great energy and enthusiasm to the workplace which is always transferred back. Regardless of the weather, there’s not much to beat team spirit than to get out in the fresh air and enjoy yourself with colleagues, particularly when the sun is out!

Corporate Team Building

Without a question, our corporate team building days include management and leadership preparation, problem-solving, and organisational challenges designed to develop trust, collaboration, inspiration, teamwork, and organisation.

How can we help?

So if you need to organise a team-building event you are in the right place, Honesberie Events was created to provide high quality, exclusive corporate and outdoor events at our base in the beautiful county of Warwickshire and off-site anywhere in the UK.