Conference Room Hire

Ideal location, atmosphere and facilities. Great meetings start off with a great location and venue space. So when looking to hire a meeting room in the midlands with flexible capacity, look no further than Honesberie Events.
Holding meetings with your key stakeholders away from your office gives you a focused view is is always a great idea. It can be a brilliant way to get everyone on board with a new idea, discuss future creative projects or spread the word. Skype calls are useful but can only get you so far. A face to face meeting in a beautiful surrounding is the best way to boost professional communication and ideas within a team.

To help you make your meeting as successful as possible, you need to make sure that you choose to host it somewhere suitable. You need a light, spacious venue with modern facilities and everything you need for a great meeting.

For geographically dispersed teams, strategy meetings or sensitive projects it often makes sense to use an off-site location to draw people together and focus on the issues without the distractions of the daily business. Our conference room provides the ideal location to get away from the phone and give your team the time and space to think.

Our room is fully air-conditioned and can comfortably accommodate up to 25 people board room style and up to 40 theatre style. You will have full use of our projection facilities in a peaceful and productive atmosphere. Complimentary tea, coffee, water and orange juice are available and we are equipped to provide food and refreshments throughout the day to meet your exact needs.

Prices start from £33.00 Inc VAT per person Half Day Hire or £63.00 Inc VAT per person for a Full Day Hire (min of 5 person hire)

Corporate Events Meeting Space

When having a corporate event, it is ideal to have some events space designated for meetings. Breaking up the different sessions, workshops and events on a corporate getaway is essential, with a team debrief forming an important part of that.

At Honesberie, the conference room acts as a perfect space for this. Allowing boardroom style meetings to be held after the day’s proceedings. The room allows plenty of natural light in and enough space on the desk for food and drinks to ensure it is the perfect meeting and working space.

Training Sessions

Getting out of the office can really help when holding a training session, giving the attendees a new space to learn in rather than the familiar working environment.

The conference room can double up as a training space.

The training room is a flexible space which allows various layouts to meet any requirements you may have. This room is ideal for any training event from seminars to training sessions.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Team Building and Team Away Days

Having high-quality conference venues and rooms is an essential factor for any team building day.

At Honesberie we allow your team building event to be the perfect blend of fun team building sessions with the shooting and dining areas as well as having space for more professional working sessions to be carried out.

We ensure that our meeting venue matches our shooting events venues level of quality.