How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue Hire

Whereas almost every aspect of a wedding is optional, you can’t skip one very important thing: the venue. From the suits and the dresses to the bouquets and the wedding cake, there is a lot to plan on the run-up to a wedding. But if you have all of the essentials but no venue, then what would be the point? This is why choosing the perfect wedding venue must be at the very top of your list, so here are a few tips to get you started.

Narrow down your search

A venue can sometimes determine the theme you choose for the wedding overall. However, when looking around venues you still have some very important criteria to bear in mind. once these tips have been taken on board, all you will have to do is picture your perfect day, and wait for it to happen.


Think and make sure the venue fits with the aesthetics of your wedding and will improve your overall desired look. Maybe you would like a glamorous, stunning country house or a modern lodge like the one situated at Honesberie Events. Your theme and venue go hand in hand, are when paired properly can create the most beautiful of wedding days.

The location can even influence the selection of your wedding dress. Consider the formality, the weather and the facilities of the venue. If you are in a field with acres of beautiful land and you have picked a winter wedding, then it might not be wise to drag a beautifully long dress through water and mud.


Whether you want a wedding venue with a large capacity or a smaller and more intimate wedding, the venue is the first step towards narrowing down your choice of location. The size of the room is very important and could affect the overall enjoyment of the night. Too small and the place could feel stuffy and overcrowded, but too big could leave your guest feeling overwhelmed and lost.

Make a clear list of guests so you can eliminate options that are too big or too small. Just note how many people you (or your parents!) will inevitably invite and immediately you will realise that you have too many RSVPs.

When a venue is empty, it’s difficult to imagine how it will look when it’s full of tables and decor. That’s why we recommend that you should only request to visit the venue when it is set up as it would be on your special day. If not, ask for pictures; the majority of the venues will offer this service with no questions asked.


Where are your guests from? If it is not local, it is desirable to choose a location that is easily accessible and has accommodation in the vicinity of the establishment. How far is the nearest airport if you have guests who come from abroad? Such factors are important for your decision making; the enjoyment and understanding of your guests are vital.


By this point, you should have a rough idea of how the day will look and the theming behind it, but before you go to see any venues, you should discuss any non-negotiable matters with your partner. These may include:

Catering –

  • What type of cuisine would you and your guests like to eat?
  • Can the venue provide this or catering services available?

Budget –

  • Can the venue provide everything you need in within your budget?
  • Is VAT included in the price? are the staff tips included and if so are they optional?

Live Music –

  • Does the venue allow you to have a band play if you would like one?
  • Does the venue allow outside music if you want a string quartet during reception drinks?

Suppliers –

  • Do you have friends that would like to take the pictures for your wedding?
  • Do you have someone that you would like to provide food and catering?
  • Are they allowed to do this or do you need to use their recommended suppliers?

Different Entertainment – If you have any different entertainment ideas that you would like to include, check your venue will allow it first.

Questions to ask the Wedding Venue

There are some important questions to ask about your wedding venues when you start planning your big day. You will need to learn what is permitted and, above all, what is not in your chosen location.


It is a big decision to plan the timing of the ceremony and is difficult to measure how long each element takes, but an experienced venue should be able to advise. Bear in mind the experience of your guests when you plan a wedding day.

What do the venue advise?

Weddings of 8-9 hours fit well in our experience. The mood and atmosphere normally fades towards the end and you want your wedding to end on a high!


Be aware that the majority of people are going to be coming from different places on the day; let them get ready and arrive with plenty of time.

Set-up time

Ask which setup time in the hire fee is included and when do your suppliers have access to the room and when can they collect their things afterwards.


Every day, lighting, especially for wedding photos, plays an important role. Think if there is a place outside to take them or a place well-lit inside.

Day/Night –

  • Will your venue have plenty of natural daylight in the room during the day?
  • During the evening do they provide/ let you bring in candles?

Cameras – A large portion of your day is going to be cameras so practise your smiles! In light of this:

  • How is the area surrounding your venue?
  • Where are the photos going to be?
  • Where would you take outdoor pictures?

The view – The views from the venue and any outside space are also a huge plus for the enjoyment of your guests and not only for photographs. Does the site have an open space or a large terrain? This is helpful when you have children and when people are at reception for ten minutes wanting to stretch their legs.

Finer Details

You won’t know all the details of your day at the venue viewing phase but you should ask the venue what’s not allowed. It is important to identify such details at an early stage of preparation prior to your booking.

When you schedule a romantic winter ceremony with candlelights, please check if the venue allows for candles! Can you throw confetti if your ceremony is at the same venue?

How can we help?

Finding the perfect venue is one of your biggest milestones and determines your date, your location and the implications of many of your other wedding planning decisions. Here at Honesberie Events, we can not only host your wedding, but we can also offer our very own catering as well as an array of different services.

If you are interested in coming to look at our beautiful venue, or you are just interested in any of our services please don’t hesitate to ask away via filling out our contact form, or giving us a call on 01327 262 922.